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Maine being one of the most SCENIC of all the NEW ENGLAND STATES has Great access to the Ocean . We have Miles of Coastland ,Dotted with Islands ,Abundant Wildlife from Whales to Puffins & Birds and Lots of seals and porposes !! Come to Maine  for AWESOME SCENIC CRUISES , Fine Captains and Tour Guides and Even MAINE LOBSTER DINNERS !!!                                                                                          We also have AWESOME SCENIC CRUISES ON OUR BEAUTIFUL LAKES !!                                                              PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR CRUISES !!
Sailing Cruises :    Maine Windjammer Assoc .     Midcoast :      FEAT :

Maine and the windjammer fleet go hand in hand.  Nowhere else in North America will you find such a large, historic fleet of traditional sailing vessels. Thousands of wild and pristine islands dot the Maine coast, providing unlimited anchorages for the windjammers.  Wildlife abounds, with bald eagles, porpoises and seals sighted on every cruise. In the fleet’s home waters of Penobscot Bay, there are hundreds of anchorages just waiting to be explored. The Maine Windjammer Association is comprised of 13 windjammer sailing vessels.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path, to explore where the big ships can’t go, a Maine windjammer can get you there.

 Maine Windjammer Association
P.O. Box 1144
Blue Hill, Maine 04614
1-800-807-WIND (1-800-807-9463)

 info@sailmainecoast.com         http://www.sailmainecoast.com
  Boat Cruises Sebago Lake  :    Songo River Queen II :          Feat :

                        THE SONGO RIVER QUEEN II                                    on the Causeway                                                                          


The SONGO RIVER QUEEN II is a privately built replica of the famed Mississippi River Paddle Wheelers.QUEEN has two decks including an open upper deck with an attractive red striped canopy for protection from the sun and rain, as well as a fully enclosed and heated lower deck, and there are restrooms on board.

This allows her to easily accommodate large groups of people for weddings, corporate outings, anniversary parties, reunions, bus tours, functions, family reunions and any other outing you might want to book. In season we have boat trips running daily allowing you to see the lakes in a comfortable and affordable fashion whenever you are in the area.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Route 302/The Causeway   841 Roosevelt Trail P O Box 1482   Naples, ME 04055-1482

                            Telephone: 207-693-6861                                         Email: songoriverqueen@roadrunner.com                   Website: www.songoriverqueen.net


Whales & Scenic Cruises :    Cap"n Fish"s    Boothbay :           FEAT

 Cap'n Fish's is the originator of Whale Watching in Boothbay Harbor and has been Whale watching longer than anyone in the region. A family held corporation for three generations,     Cap'n Fish's Whale Watch  &   Cap'n Fish's Boat Trips are the premier choices for experiencing the whales, sea birds and marine wild life that the Boothbay Region has to offer.
Our ships are the newest and fastest in the region - to let you spend more time with the whales. Our Whale Watch ships carry the latest whale tracking equipment available. Our captains have the most experience sighting whales of any captains along the coast of Maine. If you are coming to the State of Maine, and want to see whales, Cap'n Fish is the way to go.

 42 Commercial Street
Pier 7
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
(800) 636-3244 | 800-636-3244



Scenic Boat Cruise :    Boothbay Region :  Hay-Val Charters :      FEAT

                                                                                                                                             MAINE LIGHTHOUSE CRUISES Maine Lighthouse Cruises CRUISE THE ROCKY COAST OF MAINE Maine Lighthouse Cruises CRUISING MAINE ISLANDS Maine Lighthouse Cruises BOOTHBAY HARBOR TOURS Maine Lighthouse Cruises SOUTHPORT ISLAND TOURS Maine Lighthouse Cruises MAINE BOAT RIDES 

Join Captain Bruce White aboard his 37’ Brownell Sports Fisherman for a private tour of the beautiful Boothbay region. This private charter will take you to see seals, sea birds, a number of lighthouse and beautiful Maine homes                                                                            .

 Capt. Bruce White                             Southport, Maine

U.S. Coast Guard Licensed  Charters  Yacht Deliveries

207-633-2039   207-319-8123   parthill@myfairpoint.net


Scenic Boat Cruises :      Lively Lady II :         Camden :          FEAT


 Educational The lobster cruise on the Lively lady Too in Camden is a must for those who want to fully experience this part of Maine's culture.This very most interesting 2-Hour cruise is aboard the lobster boat LIVELY LADY TOO with her captain, Alan Philbrick. In addition to seeing the breathtaking sights on the bay, you'll learn about lobsters and sea life.                                                                       For people who wish to see authentic lobster fishing  The captain hauls up traps, takes out the live lobsters, bands them and makes comments. You'll learn whether the lobster is hard shell, soft shell, male or female. You'll learn the correct way it is measured and why fins have sometimes to be notched. You'll learn about its life cycle and how traps are baited and set, how the lobster fisherman makes his living and the skills and tools of the trade. Along with lobster, traps can contain, from day to day, a diverse variety of sealife.                                                                Sea Life Adventure      As we travel out to the islands guests and crew look for dolphins. Our boat can go safely in close to the islands to see seals and different species of nesting birds (ospreys, bald eagles, many kinds of ducks and water birds) and two seal pupping areas to see the pups. We visit the pupping area where Andre the seal was born and talk about him.The captain explains the various habitats and the ecological relationships of the birds, seals, dolphins and fish. No two trips are the same, but they are always full of the beauty and wonder of coastal Maine. Be sure to bring your camera and binoculars.

 See wild life and underwater marine life up close with our on board camcorder andTV Monitor system.                                                                                                    Schedule

End of May to September :

3 trips depart daily from Bay View Landing Wharf, Camden, Maine

10:30 AM - 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

September - October : 2 trips depart at 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Summer : (207) 236-6672


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