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Just a short drive from the Brunswick area come to Harpswell & Orrs Bailey Island !! Here you will find some of the finest Restaurants and Accommodations in the area,just outside all the city Lights , Come Relax and Adventure !!      The Town of Harpswell, located on Casco Bay, is a unique coastal community which recently celebrated its 250th birthday. For decades it has been a mecca for vacationers seeking a saltwater environment, a serene way of life, and an abundance of natural beauty. Its 216 miles of coastline consists of Harpswell Neck, the three large islands of Sebascodegan (Great Island), Orr’s, and Bailey, which are connected by bridges, and a scattering of over 200 smaller islands accessible only by boat. With some of the few remaining working harbors on the Maine coast, it offers an authenticity of which we are proud.

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                  ...where you’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop kayaking skills and to use your new found repertoire to bring you enjoyment on the shores of a foreign land, a secluded island, or a wilderness waterway.                                                                                                                                H2Outfitters
PO Box 72, Orr's Island, Maine 04066 • Email:
Telephone (207)833-5257; Toll-free 800-20-KAYAK (52925)


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We are a family owned and run business located on Orr's Island, Maine. The owner, Melinda, was born, raised and stil currently lives in Harpswell.
All of our candy is made right in our shop where customer can come in and watch their favorite candy being made. All of our retail is made in maine, made by locals, or supports Maine's symbols and tradition                                                                                                       
1795 Harpswell Island Rd.          Orrs Island, ME, 04066                       (207) 833-6639

Email Island Candy Co. at:   
islandpeople@myfairpoint.net                                                                                                 WE CAN SHIP ANYWHERE, CALL AND PLACE YOUR ORDER!

    The owner of also manages a family owned seasonal rental property, please feel free to ask more questions or give us a call.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cook's Lobster House Restaurant is located on the tip of Bailey Island, Maine. Located just north of Portland and Freeport, just south of Brunswick, Bath and Boothbay Harbor. Cook's Restaurant is surrounded on three sides by water.

Since 1955, we have been serving lobsters fresh from the waters surrounding Bailey Island. All of our seafood and meats are of the highest quality and our lobster, shrimp, scallops, and shellfish are purchased right at our wharf to ensure supreme freshness!        We Ship Fresh Maine Lobster Anywhere!

 Call us at  207-833-2818 lobster@cookslobster.com                        .http://www.cookslobster.com/

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                                             Tevake Sailing Charters

                                             What Does Tavake Mean Anyway?

Tevake was one of the greatest Pacific navigators of the twentieth century. His name means `tropicbird'. Tevake himself once said that, like this bird, he went `far and free'.

Tevake was born on Pileni, an island of the Santa Cruz group in the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands. At about the age of seven, under his father's guidance, he began learning to sail by the stars, winds, and the movements of the ocean. His navigational skills became legendary, and he passed them on to other younger navigators. Late in his life, he showed New Zealand explorer David Lewis how he navigated without instruments. Lewis then took this knowledge to the world.

To contact us:..apt. Bethany McNelly & Capt. Perry Davis                                                        Tevake Sailing Charters5 Water St, Thomaston, Maine 04861House: (207) 354-0274 , Bethany’s cell phone: (207) 841–9125, Perrys cell phone: (970) 379-4931,                                            Sea Escape: (207) 833-5531
TevakeSailingCharters@hotmail.com                                                                     Web page: www.myspace.com/tevake


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