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Want REAL AVENTURE ??? Come visit a remote Island off the coast of Maine!!  Thease Islands have been Secret Getaways for people and Tourists for centurys !!! Their remoteness yet beauty and charm kep visitors coming back  Some even buy Property there for their own Resorts ,SOME MOVIE STARS ???? Please check out the Links here and Have the Adventure of your life on a MAINE ISLAND !!!!!                                        http://vinalhaven.org/

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  •                                         Chebeague Island
  •                                         Deer Isle
  •                                         Long Island
  •                                         Peaks
  •                                         Vinalhaven
  •                            Mount Desert
  •                                         North Haven
  •                                         Isleboro
  •                                         Peaks Island
  •                                         Diamond Cove
  •                            Monhegan

    The Tidewater Motel          Vinalhaven Island                     FEAT


    The Tidewater Motel is built on a bridge separating Carver's Harbor to the south from Carver's Pond, its tidal estuary, to the north. The same rush of ocean water coming and going right under your harborside room once powered a blacksmith shop and grist mill on the site. Soon we hope the water will be generating power again. Installation of the world's first helical turbine is underway. If successful, it will supply much of the motel's power.  Few views can equal those at the Tidewater and few places are as relaxing; the ebb and flow is nature's own sedative. Still, the world's most productive lobster fleet, anchored right outside your window, gets an early start, so you may not want to sleep in. Open year-round, the Tidewater is the island's only motel. If you want to be closer to the water, you'll want to bring a towel.  We are very supportive of families with kids and offer family rates that allow large families to stay for no more than a couple with one child
       Phil Crossman
    P.O. Box 546
    Vinalhaven, ME 04863
    Phone: (207) 863-4618
    Web: tidewatermotel.com
    info@tidewatermotel.com   Fine waterfront lodging and meeting facilitiys

        Bicycle, car, kayak, and canoe rentals


        Monhegan Island Day Trips w/ Balmy Days Cruises  / Boothbay

    Monhegan Island, 12 miles out to sea, is unique among the best places to visit in Maine. Having successfully resisted modern development, this small island, just ¾ mile wide and 1½ miles long, is a haven for those seeking beauty, quiet, and relaxation. The several inns and art galleries, lighthouse and museum, are definitely worth a visit. Monhegan Island attracts visitors from all over the world who want to paint, photograph, look for migrating birds, rare wildflowers, sea life (whales and seals), and who just want to escape for a few hours or days from their busy lives.

     Balmy Days Cruises

                                                          Balmy Days Cruises

                                                           42 Commercial St

                                        Boothbay Harbor , Me  04538

                                             Phone: 207-633-2284

                                         Toll FREE : 1-800-298-2284


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