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 Maine truly a 4 Seasons destination !! Awesome Sking ,           Snowmobiling , Ice Fishing and Relaxing !!                          We get the Snow earlier and it lasts Longer here in MAINE !!                                                                   UPDATED ICE CONDITIONS ON MAINE ICE FISHING SPOTS COME FISH !!

                                         Maine Ice Fishing !            

     Maine Fishing (FRESH ) also see Locations and Regions for 4 Season Links ! 


                                      ICE CONDITIONS !!




                           Snowmobiling & Sledding in Maine ! 

        Maine Snowmobiling  also see Locations and Regions for more Links !!                                                                                                                                                                   



         Cross Country Sking & Snoeshoeing - Winter Getaways !!

                                                     See Regions and Locations as Our Sporting Camps  & Guides are here to Help with your Winter Adventures !!


          NEW !         AWESOME!        MAINE DOGSLEDDING !


Come experience the exhilaration of "mushing" first-hand with Maine's

    "original" dogsledding guides and most successful sled dog racers..!

  Professionally guided, hands-on "Drive your own Sled" dogsled tours in the spectacular winter wilderness of Northern Maine's "Katahdin" country...!

 Imagine yourself standing on the sled runners as a team of incredible Alaskan Huskies glide you along primeval forest trails and across frozen lakes in the East's last great wilderness..... with Mt Katahdin, Maine's highest peak, looming spectacularly on the horizon ! You are mushing through Maine's fabled "North Woods" and there is nothing that compares to it !                                                                                A winter journey through our great northern wilderness by dog team is to see the natural world from a completely fresh and exhilarating perspective. The cold, pure air seems to clarify the landscape and intensify the experience into something new and extraordanary, leaving you with images and memories that you won't soon forget. A brilliant and ethereal light reflecting off the snow..... spruce and pines silhoutted sharply agaist a deep cobalt - blue sky...... the shear magnitude of an uncluttered star-filled night sky. The deep solitude, your senses sharpened and heightened.              

 Don and Angel Hibbs

PO Box 544 Millinocket,Maine 04462

(207) 731-8888 • E-maill mailto:info@nahmakanta.com



                             Maine Sking & Snowboarding !

                   Maine Sking  also see Locations & Regions for more Links !!                                                                          

                                       Winter Hunting !!


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