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Here you will find some of the Best Guides & Instructors for your Kayaking & Canoeing Expierences!! Awesome Outfitters  w alot of your Supplys and Gear for your Adventures!!    Dont own a Kayak or Canoe, come and Rent one or find an Awesome deal on one to enjoy !!!

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Welcome to H2Outfitters! ...where you’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop kayaking skills and to use your new found repertoire to bring you enjoyment on the shores of a foreign land, a secluded island, or a wilderness waterway.Adventure happens! And whether it’s here or abroad, with a base in the shelter of a tent or in a cozy B&B, kayaking provides you with a view of the world that is unequaled. The adventure we find is not exclusively water-based, rather it becomes an experience that consists of the people, their history and the region in which we are visiting. Sharing cross-cultural experiences, providing superior service and safety, and offering you, our clients, adventure that is out of the ordinary, are the cornerstones of our commitment. We’ve got a trip for you, one that you'll enjoy and remember for years to come.

PO Box 72, Orr's Island, Maine 04066 • Email: h2o@h2outfitters.com
Telephone (207)833-5257; Toll-free 800-20-KAYAK (52925)


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